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As we continue to evolve our metadata offering, the next batch of templates offer the following capabilities:

The delta templates allow you to find out the records that have changed from today to four days in the past. Once the ID is known, the resource of interest can be called to refresh the data. The delta functionality is currently available for movies, series, episodes, seasons, and people.
The aired templates provide the original airdate for movies and episodes by country. Similarly, the series history template provides the start and end date for a series by network (e.g., NBC).
The series specials template contains episodes from a series that do not necessarily belong to a season. These may be events such as cast members coming together and reviewing the past season.
The person relatives template provides names of individuals that are related in some way (e.g., wife, or ex-wife) to a celebrity.
The related movie and other templates provide a Rovi editorially assigned relationship (e.g., spin-off of) between two programs.
The person and movie templates have been enhanced to provide the premium Facebook URL, Facebook ID, Twitter handles, and Rotten Tomatoes scores data. These templates enable you to enhance the user experience by adding social elements to your content pages. You can use the Facebook ID to use with the APIs Facebook provides, the same can be done with Twitter and the Twitter handles. The Rotten Tomatoes scores provide a brand that’s recognizable and reputable as you add reviews and scores to your movie pages.

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