Rovi Cloud Services TechGig Webinar

Rovi participated in TechGig webinar and spoke about Rovi Cloud Services(RCS). This included an overview of how entertainment technology has evolved and why it is the right time to adopt cloud technologies. We also gave an overview of the RCS APIs and a short demo of the APIs.

We were happy to see the enthusiastic response and the interest in adopting the Rovi Cloud Services APIs.


Rovi @ Comcast NBCUniversal Hackathon!

We’re excited to announce that Rovi will participate in the Comcast NBCUniversal Hackathon in New York City on October 10-11th!

Developers will have the opportunity to create a range of entertainment applications using our APIs and compete for $15000 in prizes.

For more information or to apply to participate:

We looking forward to seeing you there!


Rovi Video (Release 2.3)

Rovi Cloud 2.3 is now available. This release brings you dozens of great, new API requests and improvements in several of our current requests.

Discover APIs:

  • The Discover APIs now support conversation!

All features of the conversation search API can be accessed by submitting text derived from voice to text applications. This API supports sessions that allow the user to interact with the search conversation system iteratively and dynamically.



  • In addition to “similarity”, new recommendations are now available, including “watchable” (on now) and “trending” (popular) recommendations.










  • Genre browse requests now work with strings.

You can now ask for "horror" movies (instead of "WIKI13451" movies) by encoding the genre names in your code or by allowing users to enter the genre and get the related movies (or other video works) back in a single call. Discover supports a wide range of standard genres, such as “comedy”, “action”, “romance”, “musical”, “scifi”, “war”, “drama” and many more.

  • All searches now support general content, movies, series, and a new specialization: sports! Look for your favorite team or upcoming sporting event using the new sports sub template.

  • Template references in the Discover responses follow a new "ref" style that deviates from the "links" style used elsewhere in the API. The "ref" style was factored to be more concise and clear for the customer. Over the next few months, we will be rolling out the "ref" style to replace the "links" style throughout the API, but Discover will be getting it first.

  • Customer channel lineup is now communicated using the same Service ID as used in the Grid and schedule portion of the API, rather than the secondary Headend ID.

When available, you will receive, in addition to the search results, details about the next airing of the search result within a Service without having to make a subsequent call. This works for both "all" and "available" searches, with the difference being that "available" searches are constrained to results that have upcoming airings, while "all" searches are open ended. Still, by sending a Service ID to an "all" search, you can get back upcoming airing information for any results that happen to be airing without needing to make separate "availability" calls.

  • Searches now return contextual groups in their results.

A group is a set of related video works that can be stepped into to further browse or search. Examples include all of the video works by a celebrity or all of the movies in a series of sequels. This means that you can search on celebrities as well as other grouping concepts like decade, team, award, or genre. Note: when stepping into a group, we recommend clearing the {query} and {page} terms and including the provided {context} as well as the {next} value of the group.

  • The following API from the previous release is no longer necessary now that genre browse just uses strings and has been removed and is no longer supported:


  • The following APIs from the previous release have template name changes and there may also be functionality changes as well

Old template name (Release 2.2)

New template name (Release 2.3)

discover_available_by_genre /content


discover_available_by_genre /series


discover_available_by_genre /movie


discover_all_by_genre /content


discover_all_by_genre /movie


discover_all_by_genre /series




discover_all_video_by_search /movie






Note: the new version of the “similar” recommendation template uses the content type of the provided ID to control the content type of the response. In other words, if you provide a movie ID, you will get back movie recommendations (just as before). However, now you can also use a series ID with the “similar” recommendation template to get back similar series recommendations as well.

Metadata API’s:

With this release, you’ll have the capability to do the following:

  • Obtain theatrical releases of a movie by country

  • Obtain a person’s filmography: information about movies and TV programs that a person has contributed to

  • Obtain the original television broadcast date in a country for the release of a movie, episode, or other show

  • Display the best image for a person, grab the ‘media image id’ directly from the data_person template and then call the media_image template with that ID to get the image to display. 

  • We also have a breaking change for data_airing_synopses. We have changed from synopses to synopsis:

		    "id": 1725010050,
		    "links": {
		        "data_airing_synopsis": {
		            "id": 1725010050
		        "data_airing": {
		            "id": 1725010050
		    "synopsis": {
		        "in": "en-us",
		        "length": "long",
		        "synopsis": "The reality show \\"Extreme I Do's.\\""


Rovi @ Comcast NBCUniversal Hackathon – update!

Recently Rovi had the pleasure of being a Tech Partner at the first international NBCUniversal first international Hackathon event in London. It was a great weekend with over 100 developers, designers, engineers and idea creators forming 25 teams to find solutions to four challenges on the theme of "The Future of Content Creation, Distribution and Monetisation in a Connected World”. There were over £10,000 (US$15,000) worth of prizes available so the competition was hot. We made over 120 of our APIs available for use by the participants and were on site to support the teams throughout the weekend. In the end Rovi APIs were used by 3 of the 4 winning teams (thanks @suggest_movies, lounge and DiscoVR) and we received great feedback from the participants. We also gave away some fantastic swag, Rovi coffee flasks and a mix of skittles/tootie-frooties that helped the teams stay up into the small hours perfecting their entries!

Here’s a shot of Charles, MJ and Mussana manning the Rovi table …


Rovi Video

As we continue to evolve our metadata offering, the next batch of templates offer the following capabilities:

The delta templates allow you to find out the records that have changed from today to four days in the past. Once the ID is known, the resource of interest can be called to refresh the data. The delta functionality is currently available for movies, series, episodes, seasons, and people.
The aired templates provide the original airdate for movies and episodes by country. Similarly, the series history template provides the start and end date for a series by network (e.g., NBC).
The series specials template contains episodes from a series that do not necessarily belong to a season. These may be events such as cast members coming together and reviewing the past season.
The person relatives template provides names of individuals that are related in some way (e.g., wife, or ex-wife) to a celebrity.
The related movie and other templates provide a Rovi editorially assigned relationship (e.g., spin-off of) between two programs.
The person and movie templates have been enhanced to provide the premium Facebook URL, Facebook ID, Twitter handles, and Rotten Tomatoes scores data. These templates enable you to enhance the user experience by adding social elements to your content pages. You can use the Facebook ID to use with the APIs Facebook provides, the same can be done with Twitter and the Twitter handles. The Rotten Tomatoes scores provide a brand that’s recognizable and reputable as you add reviews and scores to your movie pages.


Rovi @ Comcast NBCUniversal Hackathon!

We’re excited to announce that Rovi will participate in the Comcast NBCUniversal Hackathon in London on June 6-7th!

Developers will have the opportunity to create a range of entertainment applications using our APIs and compete for £7500 in prizes.

For more information or to apply to participate:

We looking forward to seeing you there!


Rovi Video (Release 2.1)

We are very excited to announce the release of 37 new templates! With this release, you’ll have the capability to do the following:

View the credits (cast and crew) appearing on TV programs, series, and episodes
When the next TV showing for a movie is
View all the seasons that a series has and all the episodes in a season
Read the synopses for a season
View the genres/keywords/descriptors tagged on movies, series, and episodes
Read Rovi written editorial review for movies
Find out the awards a movie or series has received
Get celebrity data, including birth dates, the schools they attended, awards nominated for and received, biography and the next time they are appearing on TV!

The features listed above, allow you to extend the information you already display for movies, series, seasons, and episodes, and begin to start showcasing celebrity data.


Rovi Video (Release 2.0)

Rovi Video provides metadata for 7 million TV shows, movies and sporting events, as well as descriptive information for theatrical, DVD and Blu-ray releases. In addition to basic facts, Rovi Video offers rich media and unique enhancements designed to satisfy the most avid fans — from biographies and reviews to movie trailers and Twitter handles. And, it’s available in a way that can easily be added to your product and delivered across multiple platforms. Whether you require TV listings on local schedules, links to leading OTT content or detailed information for on-demand guides or entertainment websites, Rovi Video can help you differentiate your products and encourage continuous discovery to drive consumption and sales.


International Coverage: Access localized metadata and images in 70 countries — more than any other major provider — in a single database for deployments across the Americas, Europe and Asia.
Original Editorial: Incorporate original plot descriptions, reviews and biographies written by Rovi’s in-house TV and movie aficionados.
High-Quality Information: Gain peace of mind, thanks to Rovi’s rigorous copy standards and data integrity best practices.
Social Media: Incorporate links and content from social networks, including Twitter and Facebook.
TV, Movie & Celebrity Images: Tap into Rovi’s extensive library of images, including celebrity photos, cast shots, stills, posters, logos, cover art and more.


There are two basic versions of Rovi Video, Bound to Schedule and Unbound to Schedule, available in modular packages: Inform, Discover, Discover Plus, Experience and Consume.

Unbound to Schedule Metadata on TV shows, movies and sporting events as well as theatrical, DVD and Blu-ray releases; ideal for on-demand guides, entertainment apps and websites with deep catalogs
Unbound to Schedule Metadata on TV shows, movies and sporting events as well as theatrical, DVD and Blu-ray releases; ideal for on-demand guides, entertainment apps and websites with deep catalogs


Introducing Rovi Cloud Services 2.0

We are excited to announce the launch of Rovi Cloud Services (RCS) 2.0 as the next generation of powerful media APIs that enable developers to create the next generation of entertainment discovery applications that engage and empower consumers.

RCS 2.0 replaces and extends RCS 1.0 APIs that currently power a variety of popular entertainment applications and services. New RCS 2.0 capabilities will enable you to create even more unique discovery experiences using nearly 100 entertainment APIs, with even more coming soon.


Rovi Cloud Services 2.0 offers the next generation portfolio of media entertainment APIs built on industry standard technology that makes it easier to consume and build compelling applications on any platform and for any form factor.
The new release includes Metadata, Search, Recommendations and Remote Access services.
The defining tenets of RCS 2.0 are increased developer productivity, faster time to market for customers across platforms and form factors, elastic compute capability, a state-of-the-art monitoring framework and utilization of a standards-based technology stack.
Upcoming releases will provide additional categories of customer-facing APIs, and will include more advanced and personalized recommendations, deeper and broader metadata, enhanced natural language interfaces, social and contextual services, and more.


Real-time metadata updates to enhance consumer engagement.
Rapid development and deployment of innovative multi-screen services and applications across platforms.
Simple and fast registration process on the developer portal allows for immediate API use.
Reduced learning curve with uniform API interfaces and semantics across the portfolio

And soon, there will be more to come. In the meantime, please feel free to provide comments and suggestions.

Stay tuned!